HX30V - arrived today and really dissapointed with IQ

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Re: HX30V - arrived today and really dissapointed with IQ

lightshader wrote:

Having just received, charged and tested a new HX30V today, I can confirm that the camera is not sluggish. Start-up, AF and shutter release is better than my previously owned HX9V and almost as fast as the TZ25.

The huge disappointment for me though is the image quality - I'm just uploading a lot of sooc original files to Flickr shot in different modes, and will post the link when the upload is complete - the IQ for my eyes is terrible and not something I feel I can compromise on in exchange for its clever features.

I've the hx20, and I'm very happy with it.

I also used a bit the sx240 of a cousin of me, and found it nicer than the sony relating to the manual controls, also because of the "live exposure preview", that shows in real time how the different settings changes make the picture darker or lighter.


relating to the image quality:

- the sony doesn't have CA

- about the smudging/watercolor: just go in P and reduce the sharpness to "-": the images will be less overprocessed, try!

- colors are nice and can be changed as you want!

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