Opinions on Sigma 30 and 19mm lenses in general

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Re: Opinions on Sigma 30 and 19mm lenses in general

The Sigmas are faster and have edge to edge sharper image quality. Also they will have better subject isolation (Bokeh). I have these two lenses and am extremely happy with the image quality from them. I only have one zoom (12-50mm kit lens). I also own the Panasonic 14mm and Olympus 45mm.
I prefer primes purely because it makes me think more as a photographer and also by moving to a fixed focal length say 19mm, it will look different to zooming to the same position. For me buying both these primes for £150 second hand is more beneficial to me than using my 12-50mm zoom in most scenarios.  The reason I keep my 12-50mm is because it's weather sealed, has the great power zoom and a decent macro facility. Also to be fair to it, the image quality is pretty decent as well.

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