Looking for the ultimate photo travel backpack

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Re: Looking for the ultimate photo travel backpack

I was considering a new backpack to carry a 200-400mm, 70-200mm, 14-24mm, and 24-70mm lens so I could have all my eggs in one basket. I calculated the ideal interior dimensions and then went to bhphotovideo.com and did a search on backpacks and then a sort by price. I knew that I would need one of the very large bags and that it would be at the high end of the price range as a result.

The good thing about B&H is that they have a broad selection and usually the best images and detailed information (dimensions, weight, etc.), often better than what I could find at the bag manufacturers' websites.

There are a number of backpack type camera bags on their website including very slim ones, though these have 2/3 the capacity - i.e. no free lunch.

A number of the larger backpacks also had a very pronounced lumbar pad which would something I would gladly pay a premium to get. None were designed to provide airflow between the user's back and the pack for hot weather use, which is a serious deficiency in my book.

Not meeting your criteria but an excellent value I found was the Mountainsmith Borealis AT Backpack for $125, or less than half the cost of similar camera backpacks.

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