Epson 3880 - Colormunki monitor/printer calibration...

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Epson 3880 - Colormunki monitor/printer calibration...

Y'all walked me through all the stuff of getting the 3880 working, and I read a couple topics in here about calibrating with a Colormunki, but they're mostly about ambient conditions and such...

I have a dual-monitor Windows 7 system.  Primary is a Dell 2405, secondary is a cheapo 22"

My monitors are normally calibrated with a Spyder.

I'm currently printing some images of a Cat Show, and it's critical that they print as closely as possible to the image on the monitor...  These people are the kind that look at an image and tell me "the paw should be a little whiter"...  So, even though I used a Whibal AND a set of white/gray/black chips to make sure I got a good white balance, a little fiddling was still needed.

BUT, they're happy now...  SO, I took one of the off-white/ivory cats on a burgundy background and printed it on the 3880.  Yes, I set the printer drivers correctly, and yes, I had Photoshop manage the colors, and yes I selected the Epson Premium Photo Glossy profile...

And got a yellow cat on a RED background.....

My office is an isolated room with one window that has blackout shades, so there's almost nothing coming through.  My room lighting is a daylight fixture that doesn't shine directly on the monitors.  Lighting is very consistent day and night.

SO, out comes the Colormunki Photo.  I calibrated both monitors even though the secondary one is just for palettes.  I started from scratch on the primary, and did the ambient light calibration.  Moving the CM slightly I got values between 12 lux and 15.9 lux, all of which equate to 80cd/m2.  Proceeded and got a monitor brightness of 20 to get the necessary target of 80.

I repeated the process on the monitor 3 times, (which is why lux varied between 12 and 15.9), and was 20 or 21 in brightness each time.  Moving the CM around on the screen I got a range between 76 and 80 on the CM, so I think it's fairly consistent.

The secondary monitor calibrated fine, but it's quite bright.  Visibly brighter than my primary monitor.  Since I just use this thing for palettes, I presume I can turn down the brightness and it won't bother anything else?

I'm now in the process of calibrating the 3880, putting all my different papers through.  I'll let them dry an hour or so then do the reading...

As near as I can tell, my process is good, and lines up with the information from x-rite.  I also read the Tips & Tricks to see if there was anything there I needed to look at...

Does anybody in here that's gone through this process have any thoughts on things I should do differently or be aware of in getting the closest possible match between the monitor and printer?  'Cause I'd like to get this right THE FIRST TIME!

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