Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

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Re: Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

Srogue wrote:

Thank you also for your reply and suggestion. I did as you said, I set the camera to AV, then to f11 and when I pushed the Depth of field preview, it did indeed darken. I was still able to see through the viewfinder and see what I was looking at, but it was indeed darker.

I called canon and they told me to send it in. It sorta stinks that I have to pay to send in this camera when it is only 3 months old, and only been used maybe 1 month since it was a Christmas present. But I guess that is how it is done, the place I bought it, Adorama, only has 30 days to return things apparently, but I could always call and see if they would make an exception. Anyone dealt with them before?

You'd have to pay to have it shipped back to Adorama, you might as well pay for the shipping to Canon.

At least when you get your camera back from Canon it should be fixed.

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