Need advice to improve low-light focusing technique

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Re: Need advice to improve low-light focusing technique

I have to think it's the shutter speed on this one. There isn't blur from your position but that doesn't mean it was fast enough to get this big guys subtle motion to stop at the distance and focal length here. What's interesting is you can tell there is blur and a lack of detail, contrast, exposure and bringing up the brightness is only going to exaggerate this. So I ask, why avoid ISO 6400? The resulting 1/125 would have ensured a sharper image mostly devoid of movement from things you had no control of. It may have needed special treatment to get rid of noise but wouldn't it have been better to get the shot and be sharp than near miss or miss it all together because of lack of better exposure and speed? I think you should get the shot first using everything you can, worry about noise later. You can ignore ISO 25,600 for everything except black and white but even ISO 12,800 can be useful IF the exposure is correct.

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