Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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You are just as bad as he is.

BrewLab wrote:

I was shooting birds at a local refuge yesterday, minding my own business, when a guy with a Canon and a big white lens looked at me and says, "Sony, huh? Just make sure you don't take that around any real photographers." HUH?!? So I responded, "Well, change is scary. BTW, at least you're smart enough to admit you're not a real photographer." Then I fired off 12fps as a duck zipped past us. LOL!!


People who say things like he did have low self esteem and or feel the need to justify their purchase or their status as a photographer,  ie white lens means I am a real photographer and you are not because you don't have one.

You turned around and said the same thing. You are saying he is not a real photographer and you justify your purchase and your photographer status because your camera does 12 fps.

You are just as bad as he is.

A real photographer goes around taking pictures with his camera, both of you were doing that, didn't matter what camera you had.


Now if he would have said Pro photographer, then he would have been right because everyone knows that only pro photographers use white lenses and none of them would purchase a sony. LOL


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