From Canon 5D mk2 to Nikon D600 - experience

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Re: From Canon 5D mk2 to Nikon D600 - experience


This is one of the rare objective comparison of Canon vs. Nikon cameras. Or trying to be really unbiased and based on real-world personal comparison. Thank you for sharing this with us, it was very interesting to read indeed esp. because you had been a long-time Canon user.

I´m in a Nikon camp now but can appreciate Canon´s advantages too, such as probably the currently best AF system of 5DmkIII, very good JPEG engine, finally a radio-controlled system flash, some really excellent gems/lenses like 135/f2, 70-200/f4, 85/f1.2 etc. I can see Nikon´s "bads" as well: Shame on Nikon for the dust issue of D600 or initial left-AF issues of D800 body - this (hopefully just temporar) flop in quality control shouldn´t happen. Nikon service leaves also a lot to be desired (based on statistical experience of many customers).

But in essence, just because e.g. 5D mark III has arguably the best AF system today doesn´t mean that Nikons 51points CAM3500 AF module - the best in the past few years - is now totally sub-par and almost unusable as many fanboys put it. Same with the "colors" issue etc. etc. - exactly like you said. Many very exaggerated BS & myths floating around :-).

I think today you can buy well from both Nikon and Canon - both camps have some pros and cons, you name it. Depending what you prefer and what you emphasize in photography, you may end up either in Nikon or Canon camp.

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