So, why no wink emoticon?

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Re: So, why no wink emoticon ?

richardplondon wrote:

lol, it would be humorous, and quite entertaining, to open up a poll or suggestion thread for a w@nk smiley

More relevant to have a "wonk" smiley on these forums, IMO; that's where a lot of the (sublimated) excitement happens, sad to say.

The other idea would at least be more interesting. Perhaps in the signature. Or an overlay on the avatar, added by moderators? (grin)

(no emoticons working for me in IE 8 or 9 - it just has to be accepted, Microsoft browsers are simply not the dominant force they used to be)

I had IE9 and now IE10.  Tried Chrome, no better.  It isn't a browser problem.  Same for downloading images.

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