Difference Between Micro 4/3 and 4/3

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Questions thread
sigala1 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,818
Different lens mount

JoeBrautigam wrote:

So i have either a really dumb question or an actual question....Im looking to get a new lens for my olympus pen epl1 and the one i want is rokinon fisheye but theres two theres olympus 4/3 system category or micro 4/3 and the one in the olympus 4/3 system i really like...hahaha so im just wondering if there is a difference or the olympus 4/3 system category will only work for olympus and not other brands.

Both systems have the same size sensor. Lens mounts are different.

A micro 4/3 lens will not fit on a 4/3 camera, and vice versa.
There is an ADAPTER that will allow a 4/3 lens to be used on a micro 4/3 camera, but not the other way around. Some 4/3 lenses will not auto focus correctly when using the adapter and you will have to use manual focus. Or if they do auto focus correctly, it will be very slow.

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