Best config for my situation?

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Re: Best config for my situation?

Spread different parts across drives except mentioned in the articles which items to keep together.

SSD for OS and Application load.

If you use an SSD for databases use one with high IOPS for best results.

As the article states, Raid 0 can help speed up slower drives

More ram and fast drives with plenty of room always helps

cdubman wrote:

Hoping this is the correct forum...

I have a pretty fast custom built PC with 3 western digital hard drives: 1) 750gb where OS and programs are installed, 2) 2tb where my images are stored, 3) 2tb used for backups with extra space.

For now all drives have plenty of space.

What's the best config for LR4 and CS6 to maximize performance? Specifically, where should I:

- Install LR and CS6

- Locate LR catalog

- Locate LR cache and how large should I set it to

- Locate LR preview files

- Locate relevant CS6 cache, etc

Also, should I use an SSD for my temp loading and initial processing before moving to my main location?

thanks in advance, and feel free to make other suggestions...

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