Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

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Re: Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

TORN wrote:

I wonder how you address ultrawide on the E-M5? The 9-18 is pretty slow and on 4:3 really not compareable to 16-35 on 3:2. The panasonic flares pretty much and additionally loves to produce purple bloches on the E-M5.

To me the the 7-14 was one of the reasons to choose Olympus and the E-M5. Now that it does not work as advertized I wonder if going back to full frame (still have the 5D) would not be the better idea. I would miss the unobtrusive use of the E-M5 and the quick & easy tilt/touch display. But ultrawide would work again as it should...

I have 9-18 but I have somewhat mixed feelings about it. I like it's range and versatility but I'm not totally convinced about it's sharpness. It's about as sharp as the 12-50 from 12-18, maybe a little sharper, but I had expected more than that. Not just adding 9-12 range, I had expected better IQ performance as well.

Maybe a Samyang 7,5 is the best available UW lens, but you have to defish for normal use.

I don't miss any 5D because I never had one, but to my 40D I had a Sigma 10-20 which I liked a lot and miss a little. I'm not feeling I get quite the similar IQ from the 9-18, but I'm not sure if this is just a feeling or if I'm biased by expecting more from the 9-18. This is so difficult.

What I miss from my 40D is not IQ because the E-M5 is generally better, but some ergonomic things like the joystick to choose focus point and the three programmable C-settings for quick and easy access via turning a wheel. Oly mysets is so awkward. What I don't miss is the wheight with a telephoto lens attached.

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