Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

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Re: Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

Macx wrote:

I guess it completely depends on how much you shoot and what, but I think a 135 format camera and a micro 4:3 complements each other well. Something like a 5DN brings continuous auto-focus, shallower depth of field, a bit less noise at both extremes of the ISO range and different ergonomics.

Correct apart from the bit about less noise at both extremes. At high ISO, yes. At base ISO, no. The 5DIII manages a DR of 11.7 versus 12.2-12.3 for the latest MFT cameras as tested by DxO (E-M5, E-PM2, E-PL5). On top of that, the 5Ds are known to have some problems with banding (at higher ISOs or when pushed at lower) although I am not sure how the latest incarnation stands in that regard. At any rate: less room for shadow pushing at base ISO than with the latest generation of MFT cameras.

In addition, the high ISO advantage holds only when DoF is not in short supply. If it is, and the Canon must be stopped down to manage, tables are turned and MFT holds an advantage here as well.

But it does so at the cost of size, weight and money. You have to figure out how much use you'll get out of those advantages, before you can decide if it'll be a good investment or a waste of money.

Personally, I don't miss having a larger dSLR. Though I envy the advantages of a larger sensor, the smaller size and weight more than makes up for it. A 5D3 or D800, good as they may be, would sit in my cupboard collecting dust. Your mileage may vary.

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