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It looks like Sony is getting ready to have a new aps-c sensor. The rumors has that it will be 20 mp. I am wondering if not having this new sensor available now is one reason we didn't see the K-3 from Pentax and why Nikon didn't show the D7000 or D300s replacements at CP+. I still expect a new high end aps-c from Pentax some time this year.


When previous Sony sensors have hit the market, Pentax have apparently not been allowed to use them for a certain period (I think 6 months, although I could be wrong). The pecking order has been 1. Sony (of course), 2.Nikon, 3.Pentax. I wonder if something similar will apply in this case - always assuming the rumor is true of course.

Pentax was first to use 16 MP Sony sensor in the K-5, came out a few months before the Nikon. I think that is why price of original K-5 was so high, maybe Pentax paid extra to get it first. It is also possible they just happened to beat Nikon to market.


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Yea, if we look back in history Samsungs 14.6mp sensor in the GX20 (same as K20D) was state of the art. It was a very competitive sensor and at time of release had more megapixels than anything from the competition. It was serious, it used cutting edge technology, no other sensor matched its true resolution for a bit of time.

Samsungs GX20 had higher DXO scores versus the Canon 50D, Sony A350 and Nikon's D300. That would make Sony take notice. Samsung was talking of becoming a major world wide player in cameras and sensors. Samsung is huge! You have to take them serious and pull out all you have. Guess which camera got Sony's next best sensor? Pentax K-x with Sony new high ISO 12mp wonder sensor. Then the Pentax K-5 just before the D7000. Yep for some strange reason Pentax was getting Sony's best sensors first, wonder why? I do believe Samsung scared Sony for a bit.

One must wonder , also , whether Samsung have any new sensors in the pipeline ?

I imagine they would still be willing to supply Pentax , even after the change of ownership .

On the whole, Samsung sensors haven't been up with the leaders.

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