Was I sold some snake oil ?

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Re: probably yes ...

Hi confyushis,

Thanks for sharing your inputs, I have a hood that came with the L lens, in Hong Kong I saw people spend a lot of money on these UV/IR filters and then I saw them buy expensive ones.... so I went with the herd hearing that these expensive ones let 95-99% light transmission vs the 80-85% transmission of the cheaper ones.

Just trying to save the expensive lens elements from elements My Missus is already livid at my spending so much in one evening..... she would go beserk if I had to buy a new lens again because I didn't put something in front of the lens element

I see your point though


confyushis wrote:

PreetinderBajwa wrote:

To protect such an expensive lens front element I got a 82mm filter too. Well the shop recommended it actually but I have a choice to change it back to something else if required.

The one which I got is the H&Y, UV/IR MRC CUT Filter , sold to me as the best one for the L lens, but it was expensive. It was HKD 1750 (about USD 230 I guess), whereas the regular UV filter was HKD 450ish (Rollei).

Did I just get sold snake oil ?

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If money was not an issue for a lifetime - what would you be doing instead of what you do now ?

any piece of glass you put in front of your lens will reduce image quality ... the more money you spend, the less you may notice ... but if you scratch the filter will you replace it? a digital camera already filters UV without needing another filter ...

i would buy a lens hood instead of a UV filter, it reduces glare and increases contrast, which no filter could ever do ... use it all the time to block glare from any source, day and night, and if it gets scratched you don't have to replace it ... my lens hood has many scratches and my lens is fine ...

i would rather use plastic for protection than glass, your car bumper is not made of glass ...

the official canon lens hood ew-88c costs about $55 usd ... you may be able to find it for less ...

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If money was not an issue for a lifetime - what would you be doing instead of what you do now ?

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