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It`s all depends what quality you expect to get out from these negatives. If these are just so so color films photographed with cheap P&S, then there is no reason to spend (excessively) money for scanning and any budget flatbed scanner will give good enough results.

Although, if your films is B&w silver base, photographed with SLR, then there is reason to select best shots and scan them at hi end quality. Because these silver grains on cheap scanning will be smudged, foggy... But they are value - printed at bigger size adds that special and valuable silver film grain feeling. The same is goes for slides and medium format films.

My suggestion would be to scan on some cheapo flatbed scanner (epson v700 for example) all films (it is easy with theses scanners - there is film holders where it is possible to load whole 36 frames at once and it scans one frame rather fast) and best frames scan at top quality with some Nikon Coolscan 8000 or 9000.

For example, here it is compared to Drum scan (drum scan -where wet film is placed on drum and peopole are asking 100$ for one frame scanned)

Although Coolscan 9000 scanning is "pain in the a***" too nad has huge learning curve. When I bought my Coolscan 8000 many years ago, I started to scan my fathers films. One by one... One frame at top quality takes half hour. And my films 6*9 format, scanned at Superfine quality, 4x sampling, with digital ice on (it uses infrared sensor to remove scratches and dust from scan) takes two hours, giving file 700mb size... (tiff 16bit).

If you want to scan some files (not the whole lot) with coolscan 9000, I can do this for some experimental cooperation - then PM me. I have done bysiness like this, but for local buddies.


P.S. Cheapest scanning service what I know is They are sending films to India and then seems scanning on flat bed scanners (they mention on their page 3000dpi).

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