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Re: it's not indoctrination, it's life

A "liberal viewpoint" is heavily re-enforced in the course of a college education. Especially one with an "artistic" degree track. It takes a strongly formed personality to survive such an indoctrination.

I do not think that "indoctrination" is the right word...

Indoctrination is what I meant. It suffuses the entire environment of any Public University to the point that the habitues no longer even notice it.

Such incredible generalisations! Of all the subjects taught in colleges and universities, you’re saying that they all indoctrinate a “liberal viewpoint”? Is this first-hand experience or unscientific and uneducated conjecture?

Why is there so much discussion, debate and disagreement amongst academics if they all share the same "liberal viewpoint”? There are Marxist economists – but apparently they find it hard to get academic funding. Apparently the “liberal viewpoint” is intolerant of them.

Ronald Reagan was a neoliberal.

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