Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

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Re: Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

Srogue wrote:

mfait wrote:

If you are using an external Flash, make sure the metering mode is set to ETTL.

Make sure the Flash is properly seated on the camera.

I had a similar problem once, but cleared it up by removing the Flash, turning camera off and flash off and then placing Flash back on camera and turning both on. I think the due to poor connection the Flash was not working it ETTL mode.

I do think this has something to do with the flash, but this is occurring with the built in flash.

Just saw another of your posts regarding use of internal flash.

Can you tell if the flash is fully discharging.  Is it ready to shoot again with flash right away or do you need to wait for it to charge back up.

Looks like the camera is not able to control the length of the Flash burst (turn if off after detecting proper exposure).

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