A walk in the evening with Nemo

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Re: Thanks, everyone.

Bob Tullis wrote:

Rabster64 wrote:

I love these shots, I love the days gone past feel of them, I love the processing and I wish I had taken them myself, I just love these sorts of images. There are one or two minor things that if people nitpicked they might comment on but I'm not going to because I love the shots as they are.

I've shot very little film, got into photography in earnest starting with the Canon 1D. I've had a romantic notion about the craft since a kid, recalling my Dad's Pop Photo magazines and some gritty night work with high ASA film. Film noir sort of street stuff. It was all good for learning (with DLSRs, L zooms), but I never had much success with tripod-less night walks. With todays ISO, DR, and a Nocton 17.5/0.95, I feel like the past decade of landscapes were practice for this sort of thing. And it's pretty enabling.

Please share your nit-picks if you wouldn't mind. I wonder if I saw what you see, or I'm too close to see it all. For example, in the dog run shot the branch top/right I can see being questionable, could've used more contrast at the base of the tree bottom/left. But as for the precision of IQ throughout, I've been embracing this lens' wider open 'character' rather than using the tripod for precision corner to corner. When I was working out like this in the past the images would be much more gritty, and I always wondered why I wasn't using a tripod (and would return with one). Here, I know why I'm not, and it's basically a choice between precision and character. Or so I've been telling myself [g].

Thanks, Rob, and all.

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...Bob, NYC
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Hi Bob.

I don't mind the branch top right or the contrast in the base of the tree in the photo you mention, I love that shot as it is. As a matter of purely personal opinion, in shot 2 I would try and clone out the bright highlight caught in the street light under the bridge, looks like someone rolled a large snowball and left it there. I know there's not a lot you can do if someone has a car parked in the middle of a lovely scene such as this but if it was my shot I think I would desaturate the pickup on the bridge to make it less noticeable as well.

In shot 3 there's a snowflake falling to the right of the lamp post cutting across the shadow at a slight angle and shows as a slight elongated blur, there's also a little dark object showing in the clean snow to the left of the lamp post, again if it was my shot I would have had a go at removing these.

These things are in no way a critique of your more than competent photography, more of a purely personal comment on what to me may help make those two already terrific images a little bit more perfect. Changed or unchanged, I love them regardless.


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