Using ntermediate iso values on the 7D

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Re: Using ntermediate iso values on the 7D

I was playing around with Auto ISO the other day (I had never tried it before), and noticed that it used 650, so, evidently, it is possible.


anand53 wrote:

JerryCanon10D wrote:

I have searched for this but apologies if this has been addressed before ...

I recently saw exif info from a well known bird photographer and noted that he used iso 650 (with a 7D)

The photo was very good (exposure, noise not too bad etc) but ... aren't intermediate iso "just" software generated ie no change in the electronics/voltage on the sensor?
If so wouldn't you always use the full iso and adjust if needed in, say, Photoshop?

I have C.Fn 1.2 set to 1 stop - does this make me a bad person

Thanks & apologies if this is an old chestnut


You have hit the nail on C Fn I-2.

Set at 0:1/3 stop, you have 100, 125, 160, 200 and so on and 640.

Set at 1:1 stop, you have 100, 200, 400, and so on.

You do not find 650. May be, may be, third party software like ML is providing 650.

C.Fn.1-2 at 1 stop does not make you a bad person.

I use 1/3 stop and prefer multiples of 160. I do nt know if intermediate ISOs are "just" software generated. Good to have known now to learn more.

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