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Re: RAW vs. JPEG

asultan wrote:

Thanks for replying, although gary said no and roby said yes. Put another way, will people be able to differentiate the richer colours in RAW from JPEG.

The RAW file has potentially more data since it is 12 bit. The 16 bit TIFF will have potentially more data. The JPEG file is only 8 bit.

1. Notice the use of the word, "potentially" - not every real life photo will use that potential. If you take a photo of a black dog, you may not have any greens even though potentially a colour photo will store greens.

2. The raw file is not a choice to give to another person - because they may not have the same software to view it as you see it on your machine. Also even if they have the same software, they may not have the additional files that goes with your raw file to composite the photo. Raw is not thought of as a final data format. 16 bit TIFF and 8 bit JPEG are.

The crude analogy is that you don't give people a recipe and raw materials to make a soup. You make a soup for them so that they don't need a stove and a kitchen and they don't have to read and understand the recipe.

There will be a difference between a 16 bit TIFF and an 8 bit JPEG. If you have shook hands with the other person, and the other person agrees to take 16 bit TIFF from you, then use 16 bit TIFF. However, the size difference between 16 bit TIFF and 8 bit JPEG is substantial and most people end up just agreeing to use 8 bit JPEG as the common handshake. If you are not printing, then JPEG is the web standard for display in browsers. TIFF is not and will not display on all internet devices or browsers. A higher quality file for web display is PNG but so far, not popular.

Will the difference be visible.

Between TIFF and JPEG, yes. Not speaking about RAW because explained above, RAW is NOT an accepted interchange format.

Also, roby, i was just curious as to why you convert the file to TIFF rather than keep the RAW file. Another question. If I'm looking to print large photos (im actually looking for a suitable printer right now which is why I ask the question), wouldn't it be better to give him the RAW file since the differences between RAW and JPEG will be apparent at large print size.

If the other side is happy to take 16 bit TIFF and you can deliver it to the other party without pain, then use that.

JPEG was designed by a bunch of scientists that knew what they are doing and it has been enormously successful and accepted by the industry as a useable file for most uses.

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