Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

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Re: Anyone know if my Camera is bad?

Srogue wrote:

Olga Johnson wrote:

I noticed that all 3 images have used Flash. Are non flash images overexposed as well?

Check your flash exposure compensation. By mistake you may have increased it. See page 118 of your manual. Make the FEC zero.

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Thank you for the reply! I just checked and the flash exposure compensation was set to 0. I even turned it all the way to the darkest setting and took a photo and it is still way too bright, so I don't think that is it. Also, in "green" mode it appears it won't let me adjust the FEC, so I adjusted it in P mode to test it.

Using the built-in flash or one in the hotshoe? If the latter, what brand/model and it's settings? A flash that's not compatible with Canon's E-TTL autoflash system, or if there's not a good connection in the hotshoe will typically fire at full power.

[edit] your first post indicates this is with the internal flash.  Odd.  The sample pics indicate ISO 800, with the built-in flash.  I'm not sure of the T4i, but other EOS models typically set ISO 400 when in full auto and with AUTO ISO with the built-in flash on.

Check that the lens aperture is working, it could be sticking wide open. Set the exposure mode to Av and the aperture to f/11, then press the Depth of Field Preview button repeatedly and confirm (looking into the front of the lens, or that the viewfinder goes dark) that the aperture is closing down.

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