Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

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Re: Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

Nhelnhel wrote:

Thank you all for all the nice comments and recommendations... I would consider all of them...

I am contacting now the seller to give me his bank account and transfer the money.

I hope he would not back out about his very good offer...

I will update you all what will gonna happen.

Thank you again to all of you...

Ouch! -- this is a red flag right there. You're probably very lucky you didn't have a chance to transfer the money. Unless you're buying from someone you know personally -- NEVER just send money to an unknown account, -- use PayPal or Amazon or something similar, -- these services make an effort to protect you from a possible fraud.

As far as this D3, as the saying goes, if something sounds too good to be true -- it probably is. Oh well, -- better luck next time.

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