Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

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Re: Anyone Miss Their 5D (I, II, or III) after getting an OMD?

I own a 5D Mk1 and feel that I'm now at a turning point : should I sell all my Canon gear ? keep it dusting on a shelf on the more and more hypothetic case that I may need it ? or should I update it with a Canon 6D (I'm not considering considering a 5D3, it added a lot of weight along with features I don't need).

The only real reason pushing me toward an update is the fact that there are no TSE lenses for MFT cameras.

I could sell the 5D plus the first version of the 16-35mm F2.8 L zoom which I don't use on the FF and that shouldn't make the price of the updating too painful. I will probably pay a visit to my favorite camera shop and see whether I can get a good deal In exchange. But I'm still wondering whether I'll use the 6D enough to justify the update. One thing is sure : I'm mostly using the E-M5 these days. But it has also something to do with the novity. Getting a 6D would push me to use the FF again.

One thing is worrying me however : reading the DPreview review of the 6D, the E-M5 seems to have more DR than the 6D and that is one of the most important feature I appreciate with the E-M5. I would love the WIFI connectivity and GPS of the 6D (you can shoot remotely using an iPad - it seems - and compose on a huge E-VF). But I hate the fact that it only has a fixed LCD.

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