S100 after 2nd repair

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Re: S100 after 2nd repair

When Canon returned my repaired s100 following the lens problem, I felt there was something wrong with the camera. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

Some images were slower to write to the memory card than I remembered and there were more blurred images than I ever had before. I posted a number of photos and discussed it in some threads in this forum. I started believing it was user error. I had been using the S90 for six weeks, and thought maybe I just forgot about the feel of the S100.

About a week and a half later, the LCD went, so back the camera went to Canon for a second repair.

I received my S100 last evening and have taken a number of test photos, all to my satisfaction. I immediately could feel that the camera was peppy like I had indeed remembered it.

So all appears well the second-time around. I hope it stays that way.

In case anyone is wondering, I checked the serial number. Canon did not replace the camera. The one I sent them twice is the once I got back.
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Hi Gail, I read somewhere here in one of dpreview forums that one guy change his s100 sd card after it got a lens error and his camera worked again. well... not sure of this but....sd card is one major component that may failed and trigger the dreaded "lense error" sign.

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