Fast Help Needed work with strobes and 5dII

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Re: Fast Help Needed work with strobes and 5dII


The more bells and whistles is the truth.  As for silent shoot and such; I'm not a live view shooter as I still prefer looking through the view finder.  I actually feel much more stable shooting through the view finder over live view.

So, I found out yesterday there is a load I don't know about live view and when you couple that with the notion that I don't know how to shoot with strobes I was lost yesterday for my first ever strobe shoot.  I did find though that shooting tethered and using my laptop as the control is pretty sweet though.  The only problem with that is it doesn't fit with how I shoot at all, which is outdoors.

In the end my shots turned out great!  I can't share them unfortunately as they're new products I'm testing in an online evaluation.

Thanks again to both of you for you responses.


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