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Re: Why I switched to an OM-D

TORN wrote:

To me the biggest advantage is that with a pancake a mirrorless fits into a coat pocket. Longer lens attached it hangs around my neck just like the other. Have to admit I am in for size and not so much for minimum weight. It is quite possible to have a full frame kit which won't break your neck. I went fora while with a 5D, Voigtländer 20+40+90 whichis about 1500g and none of the lenses is essentially bigger than the mft, with no AF though but full metal instead. Now with a new 6D it would be even less weight and bulk.

For me the biggest benefit is when I go for a shoot around a new place and I don't really know what's there and I can take a wide ranging selection of body and lenses.

I use a tamrac velocity 8x sling bag and it has taken:

Panasonic G3 or GH2, 14-42mm, 7-14mm, 20mm, 8mm fisheye and 45-200mm and the total weight of this system with G3 would be 2353g!!!

Giving focal length equivalent 14-400mm

A simple DSLR outfit - D7000, 16-85VR, 50mm F1.4, Think tank retrospective 5 weigh a total of 2495g!

Giving 27-128mm.

Now I have and E-M5, E-PL5 and it's even lighter and I have IS on all my lenses. I can increase the size with grip if I'm using the heavier f2.8 zoom, 75mm or heavy legacy lenses.

To me the E-M5 just overdid a bit on the size front. It decreases usability for me. Or let's sayFuji and Sony did a better job FOR ME to keep ergonomics up but herethe E-M5 polarizes.

I'm playing with a XE-1 currently and like the feel, quite like the handling too but the AF is a bit noisy, clunky and slow even with the new firmware.

I'm hoping the next OMD will be a bit better ergonomically but will still use the HLD-6, I don't wont a GH3 style cam.

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