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Re: RAW vs. JPEG

asultan wrote:

thanks for the info so far. what ive gathered is, in a nutshell, that RAW is a lot better during the editing process because it gives you much more leeway to push exposure etc.. I would like to return to my original question. If I edit in RAW and convert to JPEF after, do I lose the potential advantage that the (potential) increase in colours in RAW format provides?


No, you won't lose it - if you have 'created it' during your RAW conversion, then it will be there in the jpeg.

The jpeg that comes out of your camera (if you shoot jpeg mode) was essentially a RAW file that the camera has processed based on its settings. Many cameras do great jobs of that today. However the RAW file gives 'you' the control on how you process it. I suppose the easy way to think about it would be to send a 'film' to a 1 hour processing lab, compared to processing it yourself - you will get 'generic' results from the 1 hour lab - but they won't 'tweak' things to get the most out of the film and how you took the shot. This is where many photographers would want to take control of their photo and 'develop' it themselves.

So, if 'you' create it in the RAW file, it will be there in your saved image (assuming you don't start compressing things).



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