Zeiss 24 + SEL50 + SEL16&VCL-ECU1 or SEL1018 + SEL35F18?

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Re: Zeiss 24 + SEL50 + SEL16&VCL-ECU1 or SEL1018 + SEL35F18?

sean lancaster wrote:

kev777zero wrote:

if you could choose between owning the Zeiss 24mm + SEL50F18 + SEL16&VCL-ECU1 vs SEL1018 + SEL35F18, what would you go for? I know set 1 is a little more pricier, so one can maybe also add SEL50F18 to set 2, but it's a bit too close to SEL35 IMHO; The future E-mount 85mm may be a better combo with SEL35F18, but that'll definitely make set 2 much pricier.

Do you shoot enough landscape to justify the 10-18? I have the Zeiss 24 and I have yet to feel it's not wide enough for any landscape shots I've tried, but I tend to see the world through my Zeiss 24 lens.

I do have a Rokinon 8/2.8 fisheye lens and I think it's as sharp as any lens you'll find in Emount. I'd take it over the 16 and attachments (in fact, I sold my 16 and wide angle adapter).

So, I'd go with the Zeiss 24, SEL 50, and Rokinon 8/2.8 since this is what I tend to put in my bag daily. The shots I see in your flickr stream are not too far off of what I shoot. But I only viewed a little bit so perhaps you have different needs than me.

I may add the future 85, but I have a mount for my Contax G 90/2.8 coming tomorrow and that may serve my portrait needs just swell.

In fact, I currently have the exact same lenses as you do in my camera bag, sean. I do like the Rokinon a lot, and it pairs well with my Zeiss 24 and SEL50. I also have a few telephoto prime lenses in A-mount that I use with the LA-EA2 adapter, so I'm pretty much set in terms of covering focal lengths.

I have a love-hate relationship with my Zeiss. On one hand I feel like it's way overpriced, and I could trade it off for a few more lenses; but at the same time the 24mm focal length (35mm FL equivalent) is just so darn useful, and images that it delivers just satisfies me all the time. It's been my go to lens, and I use it about 80% of the time

I've been considering the second set mostly for interest of having a high quality UWA lens, not the SEL35F18. I did use my 16mm+UWA adapter quite a bit when I only had the kit lens, and now that I have the Rokinon I use that instead for wide angle photos. The SEL35 will mostly be a compromise for giving up the Zeiss, as I'm not worried about extreme low light capabilities or videos, and if I want a more narrow DOF there's the SEL50.

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