Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Fact check

Shield3 wrote:

NancyP wrote:

The guy with the Big White is an idiot. That 12 fps is a really tempting option, and the best any Canon can do is 10 fps (1DX).

The 1DX actually does 12FPS in full manual mode, unlike the A77 that requires the aperture to be fixed @ F/5.6. The 1DX will do 14FPS in "Super Speed Mode" similar to the a77's mode.

The 1DX has a much larger buffer too. Please, check your facts before posting.

The 14 fps mode on the 1DX is not similar to the 12 fps mode on the A77. Unlike the A77, the 1DX loses AF and only allows jpegs (no RAW).

With continuous AF and RAW, both top out at 12 fps.

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