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williamsteffe wrote:

Hello everyone!

Hope you are doing good.

My name is William ( you can call me Will ). I am associated with Photography and software development as well. I am here to get more information on photography equipments and sharing my expertize in the field so far.

Would love to see you all around for some great tips and knowledge sharing.

So Will, where do you come from? How is your Photography and software development going?

Got busy with some private stuff for few days.

Well basically I am James but my friends call me William or Will ( a long story behind it ;). I am from New York and yup for photography I always remember to take out time. As far as software development is considered that I do to aid creative and tricky photography.

You best start packin James/Will. Dangerous forum here and all those from the Useless States of America are armed with AR15s

Oh yeah, plus G. Gray, a Canadian wannabe American, also armed but keeps it secret from his neighbours.

No, I don't want to be an American. If you can read English you would determine I am a proud CANADIAN.

Yeah, I am armed, I drive a car.

I must have stung you pretty good .

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May the light be with you
Stop global whining
Stupid should hurt
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