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Re: Sigh ..

John King wrote:


You appear to believe anything you want; so why should I have any lesser right?

Nice shot, BTW.
Shame about the lack of detail in the full size image; and the lack of tonal gradation.
Maybe you should shoot RAW with your D800 instead ...

Maybe I should have, but we all know how this works, don't we. For example,

The DXO Mystery
With slight tweaks to the WB, exposure, recovery, brightness and contrast in ACR this image goes from merely ordinary to absolutely stunning.


Shame they are not sharp .. (the images link is above your post; D200/18-200)
Shame they are not sharp ... Pretty? Yes. Sharp? No.
Even at web resolutions.
Oh well. Your gear, your choice ...

The images were posted in response to your telling us how bad 18-200 is/was, which was pure bashing and without substance. I almost never used this lens, but anyways .. it does not matter now.

How about this one, phone-cam JPG at larger than web resolution. :\ vs. "An OoC JPEG... cannot be altered in PP without incurring massive data loss in the PP image file."

Quiet in the woods ..

I hope it is not that bad, or is it :\? At original size at least. Can only imagine what can be done with dSLR files instead.

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