CPL what a PAIN!!!! aghhhhhhh Canon 70-200 f2.8 II

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Re: CPL what a PAIN!!!! aghhhhhhh Canon 70-200 f2.8 II

brightcolours wrote:

Steve Balcombe wrote:

tvstaff wrote:

When using my 70-200 f2.8 USM IS II with the sun hood it's impossible to use a CPL with ease on each shot. Is there a device or some sort of trick to be able to use your CPL with this long lens and hood?

Thank you!

And to make matters worse, a CPL can be especially useful when shooting into the light - precisely when the hood is most needed.

Buy a cheap replacement hood and cut a hole in the bottom.

When exactly can CPL's be "especially useful when shooting in light"? For the blue sky/nicer greens effect of CPL's you have to NOT shoot into the light. Similar with reflections.

You will typically get more glare (glare not flare) when shooting into the prevailing light. It's just geometry - if the light is ahead it bounces off leaves etc at a shallow angle so you get stronger reflections which desaturate the greens, but they are polarised so they can be filtered out. If the light is behind your shoulder the angle of reflection can't be shallow.

And if the light is ahead you will tend to get more flare (flare not glare) so the hood is especially useful.

This doesn't apply to using a CPL for blue skies, where the light will be from the side.

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