Please help a noob! (First camera shopping)

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Analysis Paralysis

m00tmike wrote:

At this point I've narrowed it down to a few options, and I'd love as much feedback as possible. They are: Canon T4i, Nex 5r, panasonic gh2, and (possibly) sony a37/57 (but I hate their flip DOWN screens!).

I don't have any lenses at this time but the ability to use legacy glass on all but the t4i really appeal to me.

If i made the purchase right now it would be the gh2. But 2 days ago it was the t4i lol. It's getting to be all i think about. Please help! Lol

Too many people get in this analysis paralysis where they're spending too much time worrying about the specifications, they never get around to buying a camera. For some, this is a fun thing and I say more power to you, but if this is truly frustrating, stop it. What you need is some kind of proof or excuse, if it turns out your decision was wrong, it was still the best possible decision at the time with what was possible to know. So, make yourself that promise and go buy the camera.

If you don't want the camcorder, get the GH2. It's probably the best choice for video anyway. The Sonys are good too, but if you don't care for the way the LCD tilts, I don't blame you. Just go buy the GH2. It will do a great job for stills and it really does make great video. I don't think anyone would say that's a wrong choice.

About legacy glass. All cameras can do it with the proper adaptor and some, like Nikon can use legacy glass going back to 1959 without an adaptor. The point would be why bother? Really good old glass is not that cheap and much is just average. Canon can go back to when they switched to autofocus. Sony can go back to when Minolta switched to autofocus with the Maxxim. Pentax can go back as far as their bayonet mount goes and further with an adaptor. All the mirrorless models need some sort of adaptor and they're a bit of a pain in the butt. You also often lose functionality.

I've found that most of the people using adaptors seem to enjoy that part of it more than the making pictures part of it. That's all well and good, but what side are you on? I like making pictures. I shoot Nikon where I can mount about any Nikon going back over 40 years. The only ones I bother with are the two that are really great and give me a look my newer glass doesn't. One I bought new in the late 1960s and one in the late 1970s. As my eyes get older, I've not even using them much because they are manual focus, so think about that part.

There's plenty of reasonable new glass for the Panasonic made by Panasonic, Olympus and third parties to cover almost anything you'd want to consider. If you decide later you want to play around, there are eBay adaptors for almost anything you can think of.

Good luck and have fun.

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Cheers, Craig
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