As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

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Re: As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

Vandyu wrote:

While we're wondering why Panasonic doesn't understand the value of customer service and giving the customer a reason to buy again, I must comment on the utter stupidity of Panasonic for steadfastly refusing to put a rubber eye cup or cushion on the viewfinder mount.  . . . . . . .

I once bought a Vauxhall Corsa not a Ford Fiesta largely because I could open the boot/trunk without having to use the ignition key.

= Details are important.

My FZ200 is lovely but would be lovelier if-

-  the cigarette lighter wheel worked smoothly on all examples (mine's going back I think).

-  it did not show me the date and time at every possible opportunity (I never, ever, switch it on to find out the date or time). It should be possible to switch off this nonsense.

-  Min Shutter Speed were available in Intelligent Auto Plus and Aperture Priority Modes.

-  Happy Colours were available in PASM Modes.

-  it were more difficult to activate WB and ISO accidentally with my right thumb.

-  the left side of the lens had not sprouted things that I change accidentally (I have had to re-assign Focus to disable it, but I still hit Macro and Manual by mistake).

-  the Quick Menu/EV compensation were as good as on my sold-into-slavery FZ8.

-  NR could be switched off completely (why not? You don't have to switch it off).

-  Default settings were better, so that we do not have to use things like Co and Sa +1 and Sh and NR -2. This has wasted me a lot of time and it is not good for sales if a P&S shooter cannot get top results straight out of the box.

-  iA Plus did not refuse to use higher than 400 ISO and did not let me use 1/6 sec exposure and did allow me to set Min Shutter Speed (and they say that this is the best iA on the market? Omigod!)

Does anyone at Panasonic read this Forum? For me, if I were Top Camera Dog at Panasonic, it would be compulsory and compulsive reading.



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