GH3 and high ISO - Push it in camera or in Lightroom?

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Re: GH3 and high ISO - Push it in camera or in Lightroom?

Quite simply you need more light - i.e. flash. If you set the camera's exposure manually for the ambient light falling on the dancers and use flash for fill, very little flash is actually needed at high ISO settings and you can get by with an average flash unit.

I have never seen a EV boost in post processing to be better than using the camera's own amplification to increase the ISO rating and using the camera's internal noise reduction settings. Stands to reason that the engineers who created the camera have a better understanding of how to produce the best possible image than the engineers at Adobe who can only try to reverse engineer from the output files.

You can do your own experimentation with images taken at various ISO, EV, and NR camera settings and then processing them and viewing the results. The information you get as a result will be more relevant than any you can get from other individuals with their cameras. You will also learn the optimum combination of settings that produce the best or least bad results.

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