A65 vs. A77 vs. A99

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Re: A65 vs. A77 vs. A99 - Good news

All the lenses you mentioned are Full Frame so that is not a problem

The A65 cost 1/3 of a A99 and the A77 is in between.
It's all about your preferences. If money is no issue you have a fine selection.
- IQ:  all three are the same in good light delivering stunning resolutions with the 24mp, but the A99 excells in low light.

- Build: A65 us very well build, but lacks magnesium body and weather sealing. A77 and the A99 have magnesium body's and weather sealing, and the A99 has a expected shutter life time of 200.000 clicks, so that's were some part of the money goes. Life expectency and durability.

- Features: All the same except A99 has AF-D, standard hotshoe and advanced Video features

I've had the A77 and I was blown away with the performance and quality, but I really love low light photography and this is not the A77/A65 strong point, now I have A99 and images are amazing in low light. I think the A99 is an ever better build better quality then the A77 but its hard to tell from the outside.
The prices of the A77 and A65 are leveled out and are money for value, The A99 is new so you always pay a bit more. Since I'm more like an after early adapter I'm used to price drops, but I wont expect a huge drop on the A99 since it's stuffed with high quality equipment.

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