Banging on about Oly JPEG color vs Panny JPEG color

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Re: Thanks, Mark, that's really good of you

I'm a long time Photoshop user and in the past a darkroom worker where the "wonder" of post camera processing hit home when under the yellow safelights the image slowly appeared from the paper as it floated in the tray of developer.  I still get that same sort of feeling of magic when I enhance images now.  That hillside is an extreme example.  Most of what I do now is not so dramatic.  Practice has given me a set of steps I can go through in my sleep, and that's not kidding as in my old age my mind is often muddled in a sort of "purple" daze.  So my usual processing is quick taking only a few minutes.  I probably spend most of those deciding on how to crop.  I enjoy my edit time as much or more than the photography.  I sort of relate it to how my Mom loved her fabric and needle work.

My new challenge now is to take on learning how to edit video shot with the new camera.  I have some experience in the past, but now I worry if my "noodle" is up to the task of learning the new stuff as codecs and frame rates and resolutions and all that seems intimidating.  In fact typing this message is an excuse for me getting started as just moments ago turned off the TV saying, "OK I'm going to DO IT NOW!"  And look here I am.

Here's another extreme before/after example where I had FUN going beyond realistic enhancement to make the result what I call "artsy."  Hope you catch your flight ... as I'm off NOW on mine!

Foothill Iris


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