D800E NX2 vs ACR for RAW processing?

Started Feb 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
calson Veteran Member • Posts: 8,629
Re: D800E NX2 vs ACR for RAW processing?

95% of the time ACR is good enough and it is easier to use for batch processing hundreds of files. Roughly 5% of the time I will have used settings that are only going to be utilized by NX2 or there is a problem with the processing by ACR and then I will make the change. For example I have on rare ocassions had banding with images processed by ACR that were fine when processed with NX2.

For most of my work I need to use Photoshop so it has been difficult to invest the time to fully learn NX2 and use it to its fullest in situations were it is going to be as good or possibly better in processing an image.

Overall it is better to know all you can about one app (PS, LR, or NX2) then to try to become proficient with all three. And then there is Aperture for a fourth possible image processor.

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