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Re: General Discussion of Moderation Policies and Interpretation

Discussion of Moderation policies, rules and interpretation is perfectly acceptable, and is one of the ways we refine and if necessary change our rules and policies.

Discussion of individual moderator actions is not allowed.

Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

Aleo, thank you for respecting the Editor in Chief's stated policy regarding the general discussion of policies, rules, and interpretation surrounding processes of moderation on DPReview Forums.

An important distinction to be made is the difference between referencing a specific moderation action already taken by a moderator or administrator, and a general question or comment.

If statements made in such discussions are general ones, they (in my viewpoint and practice) need not refer only to hypothetical or imaginary situations - they merely need to be careful not refer to specific and identifiable DPReview moderator or administrator actions which have already occured.

With that distinction in mind, there exists plenty of possibilities for members to inquire as well as to comment - as has been clearly stated as being acceptable and allowed by DPReview's Editor in Chief.

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