Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

BrewLab wrote:

First, let me preface this by saying that, although I am a Sony guy, I am of the belief that in the right hands, all the major brands will make amazing images and I couldn't care less what other folks shoot if it makes them happy. I just thought this little experience was rather funny. Having said that...

I was shooting birds at a local refuge yesterday, minding my own business, when a guy with a Canon and a big white lens looked at me and says, "Sony, huh? Just make sure you don't take that around any real photographers." HUH?!? So I responded, "Well, change is scary. BTW, at least you're smart enough to admit you're not a real photographer." Then I fired off 12fps as a duck zipped past us. LOL!!

That was my first real life experience with the Canikon bias. Unbelievable. Rather than ask about my camera, talk shop or even better....just say nothing...he chose to bash both my gear AND my photography skills in one fell swoop. I didn't want to believe it, but they're really out there.


He, he,

What a plonker, I used to be a Nikon shooter until the weight got to me. hence the forum name. This reminds me of my trip to Key West a few years ago.

The chap next to me had a big white lens and got all set up with his tripod as the sun went down and then started to get annoyed that he was in the wrong place as the sun drifted to the right and went behind the land out to sea thus he lost the effect on the water. As he started to scream I shouted at him to look at the cloud formation above that had appeared as the sun disappeared from view, it was amazing but he just packed up his gear and went off in a temper

Best Regards Mike.
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