Banging on about Oly JPEG color vs Panny JPEG color

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Thanks, Mark, that's really good of you

eagle_I wrote:

Hen3ry wrote:

And please. people, don't be tiresome and talk about crouching in front of your computers and processing RAW. I'm not going to. If a camera can't produce a good JPEG ithas no place in my hands.

Cheers, geoff

But for the golden glow of late afternoon, cool blue from a large expanse of sky, or for overcast's low contrast and muted colors I want auto white balance to get me in the ballpark so that some quick and easy JPG editing will make sure EVERY picture you want to share, all the ones important to you, come out just how you like 'em!

geoff there's a whole LOT to gain if you can work-up the right attitude to take on some basic photo editing. You gotta make it FUN though, not a chore. Make it a goal ... more and better pictures for your blog ... a new camera that you'll be able to take to a new level of image creation ... pictures you'll always be proud to post in the forums or print and put on a wall.

If you're game I'll help get you going! Here's a before/after animated GIF to show you what's possible when you team-up with your computer.

Foothill view enhanced by editing

I do some (quite a bit from time to time) editing of JPEGs and in the last year I've got a whole lot better at what I do in that respect.

Many thanks for the link to your GIF. I can't look at it yet because I'm in the bush on a slow and expensive wireless modem connection -- I'll be in the big city tomorrow with any luck (always assuming Air Niugini has a seat for me -- I'm wait-listed) where I can get much better access, so I will look at it then with much interest.

I hgave to say though that I sold the G1 with great regret -- I simply could ​no​t​ overcome that muddiness and ​still​ can’t.

Cheers, geoff

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