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Re: Canon Powershot G1X dedicated microsite

Hi Greg,

I don't want to start yet another G2X thread.  There have been many and if you search for them you'll see a whole lot of conjecture about what it ought to have in the way of features and more on what it might actually have if it's produced at all. You'll also see that some posters reckon on having inside info saying that Canon aren't working on a successor -it's the end of the line - and others who say that they are or will.  No-one here knows and Canon aren't saying.  Everything else is speculation.

Suffice to say that the G1X owners are a converted lot - reasonably convinced of the benefits of the larger sensor and excellent lens.  They live comfortably with its few foibles.  Love it or hate it.  Those who dislike it draw on all sorts of reasons....  the weight, the VF, the relatively slow between shot times, the raw + jpeg defaults...... there are a few.  As far as I'm concerned, every camera is a compromise, and I can live with the G1X's few limitations.  It's certainly got the best IQ short of APSC, and in the most compact body (stored) of anything anywhere near APSC.  I still like mine, and even though I've a DSLR and multiple lenses,  it's my first choice for travel and hiking.

If I lust after any other small camera it's the Fuji XE1 at 2.5X the price, and it's interesting to hear from owners of both just how well the G1X fares.  The APSC XE1 is apparently better, but I'm told you really have to pixel peep to see it.

Cheers, Rod

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