G5 buffer clearing speed

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Re: G5 buffer clearing speed

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

The GH2 (and GH1) have a big flaw: The buffer clearing speed is horribly slow when using RAW. This was fixed in the GH3, in which this is no longer a problem.

But what about the G5? Does it also take forever to save RAW images to the SD card?

A quick anecdotal test with four bodies using a Sandisk Extreme Pro 16GB 45mbps card ...

GH2 burst rate seemed moderate, shot about 5 images and then maybe 1 per second or so. After switching off, took 10s to clear.

G5 burst rate is really fast, shoots perhaps 6 or 7 and then shoots one per second, clearing takes about 7s.

GF3 burst is dead slow, slows down to 1 per second after about 5 images, clearing is very fast about 5s to 6s. Go figure.

GX1 burst is moderate but seems to go on and on ... at least 10 images recorded ... then 1 per second. Clears slowly like the GH2 ... 10s.

Anyway ... the newer cams are faster. The G5 has an amazing burst rate for what it is. (Used mechanical shutter.)

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