**Weekly X Series Photo Thread February 9th, 2013**

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Re: **Weekly X Series Photo Thread February 9th, 2013**

Random snaps from the X10 and XS-1:

XS-1 + EF42 fill, hand-held, I love the way he's cocked his head at me.

X10, EXR Auto w/ onboard fill flash.  I don't know why I like this, but I'm dumbfounded how this camera blended flash and two different fluroescents and came up with this.  SOOC save for crop to fit the head.  Amazingly gentle fill on the left side of the face, check the light points in the eyes.

XS-1.  Complaint Department.  Birdbrains, all of them.  Galveston Bay Ferry, Galveston, Texas, USA.

X10 macro.  Backyard butterfly.

X10.  From a farm in Middle Tennessee.  Despite what you've heard, NOT a self-portrait . . . . .

Thanks for Looking, and Y'all Come Back Soon !

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