6D review misses a couple things

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Re: 6D review misses a couple things

fyngyrz wrote:

First, the wifi could easily have enabled, finally, a cable-free means to upload RAW files to the computer for processing, reducing both connector wear and the ever-present risk of ESD.

Second, it is well worth a parallel look at the free Magic Lantern firmware mod; it's already available for the 6D and adds a number of interesting and useful features.

Don't get too excite about Wifi file transfer because it is slow. I transfer files wirelessly from my PC to a Cloud drive which is wire-connected to the N router. It is a very slow process I tell you.

Why bother with slow wifi transfer, a 32GB SDHC card only cost $20 so just carry multiple cards.

About Magic Lantern, I don't think it is ready for the 6D yet. If Canon would donate a 6D body to the group, then maybe they can port the software quicker.

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