Olympus: End of the line for (full-sized) 4/3?

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Re: Olympus: End of the line for (full-sized) 4/3?

Sean Nelson wrote:

M43 rumours is reporting that Olympus is planning a strategy announcement which states they will "reduce investment" in their DSLR business.

My read on this is that Olympus is about to announce their last 4/3 product, along with the news that there will be no further 4/3 development, period.
The big question in my mind is whether or not this last 4/3 product will be a "real" 4/3 body, a mirrorless body that accepts 4/3 lenses, or some sort of higher-performance 4/3 lens adapter for M43 bodies. If it's the latter, then it could be good news for M43 owners.

There are so many ideas on what is being said... Many 43rds users wouldnt mind a mirrorless product as long as it uses their lenses without sacrifice.

In this context, listen up. They are changing their compact strategy to higher end offerings, and reducing the waste. For DSLR users they probably mean something very similar, no multiple tier offerings, but one solid camera for a $1300 pricepoint.

That would satisfy me, and a lot of other users.


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