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Re: Seriously?

AndreaV wrote:

David McGaughey wrote:

So you have some (very suspect) findings with Camera A / Lens A and because a higher resolution Camera B / Lens B looks worse you conclude that over 10 megapixels is a waste of space?

35mm lenses aren't yet out-resolving the Nikon D800 (36 megapixels), so I'm comfortable in saying that higher resolution sensors will continue to provide benefits in the near future.

Well, in the review of the Nikon D800 (http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/nikon-d800-d800e/20) I read:

"The D800, however has a theoretical maximum of 4,912 lines per picture height while our current chart 'only' measures up to 4,000 lines per picture height."


"We should note, however, that we had to work quite hard to get this amount of resolution. We used flash to eliminate any risk of blurring due to vibration, we focus-bracketed in extremely fine increments, and we used an excellent lens (the Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G) at an aperture optimal for central sharpness of F4.5. Even with the inevitable softening that results from using an anti-aliasing filter, this methodology allowed us to tease resolution out of the camera as high as 3200 LPH, which, for practical purposes is about the maximum we'd have expected to see."

So, even with "an excellent lens at an aperture optimal for central sharpness of F4.5", the camera can resolve a (still very impressive) value of 3200 LPH out of the theoretical 4912 LPH given by the pixel count. This means that you're loosing about 35% of the resolution due to lens and AA filter.

I would be therefore comfortable to say that most 35mm lenses are already out-resolving the D800.

Anyway I don't conclude that over 10Mp it's a waste of space, I conclude that the pixel count should definitely not be the only thing to be looked at and that it's a waste of space any additional single bit that doesn't give me more information about the image.

I would agree. Each lens I use outresolves the D800 at some point. My 50/2 Ai from the early 1970's does so from about f/5,6 at all portions of the frame, and in the centre and surrounds by about f/2,8. My 105/2,5 does so from 2,8 in the centre and the same, 5,6 at the edges. My 100/2 does so all around the frame from 4 and in the centre at f/2,0 it is already perfectly sharp.

36MP isn't anything. It is only probably more dense than some zooms can resolve. For primes of any generation and price, it is child's play - that is, unless the prime lens is meant to be soft.

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