Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

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Re: Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

AllOtherNamesTaken wrote:

Nhelnhel wrote:

I have an opportunity to buy a used Nikon D3 with 7,000 shutter count for $1300.00

I do general photography. Landscape, portrait and birding.I have also some old glass from Nikon and Sigma.

Is Nikon D3 still a good buy compared to the other Nikon full frame?

Thank you in advanced.

Depends what you want to use it for, primarily.

It is built like an absolute tank, has excellent AF, and by the sounds of that one, is almost new. It'll just be a great, solid, camera but the IQ (while excellent on it's own) leaves something to be desired in light of the newer, higher MP cameras which are better everywhere.

Actually, the D3 image quality leaves nothing to be desired. It is also unexcelled in it's performance with Ai-S Nikkors.  More pixels does not a better image make. The D3 shoots fast, has awesome high ISO, excellent AF, Dual CF slots. 12MP not enough for you? Stitching is really easy, and then you are Exceeding D800 resolution. (With less lens optical, and shooting technique issues.)

If you are big into landscape though, you might consider paying just a little more for a D600 which will provide much, much, better output at the expense of some build quality.

Again, stiching is really easy, and provides results superior to D600 or D800 image file.

At the expense of "some" build quality??????

If you don't need ridiculously high ISO, lots of DR, or high MP for printing, I think an almost new D3 would be a very nice choice for $1300. If you think you will really appreciate some extra resolution though, I'd hold off.

Go for the Real camera...

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