X20- where is built?

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Re: X20- where is built?

Valentinian wrote:

I have an E-M5 and am pretty happy with it. However I am disappointed that only later, after investing in three lenses (built in Japan), I found out that the E M-5 was built in China. had I known that in advance would have seriously considered another camera. ... or maybe I would have decided to buy it anyway. But that was then, this is now. Now am considering to buy a Fuji X20 as a second camera, and really hope that the final review will say where it is built. This time would like to know it in advance. and if I am prejudiced, well, please let me be. thank you

I live in Japan in a Japanese house made of the most state of art stuff imaginable... it sucks. Everything in the house is either impossible to use (if power goes out, the toilet won't flush even once; power is generally non-polarised, and located in spotty places; the pipes are all PVC and clog up every week). Our houses here are made at a factory and shipped to the site, then assembled. All calculations done far away means that if any anomalies are present in the final assembly area, the building will be mush. Generally, stuff is made for one thing: to withstand earthquakes. That it does, and does in spades. But apart from that, it's crapshoot.

Japan has passed its 'great' period.

Electronics are the only thing that are designed almost perfectly in Japan. Rarely is follow through important at all. My D800 is really a perfect example of this: back screen completely green, lined, etc. It works and I'm fine with it, but Japanese quality control was only GREAT when Japanese corporations competed with foreign companies by copying their stuff. Japan had the advantage then because their factories were far better at managing waste (in terms of work) and shaving pennies off production. Japan commoditised the entire mechanical industry so that pretty much everything is designed, made, and assessed by robots.

No longer do they consider Germany or USA or Switzerland competition, so they compete with Korean and Chinese stuff; both of those countries are also copy cats. If your competition is fledgling, so will your output be. Funnily enough, Japanese companies like Toyota are complaining of copycat designs from China and Korea. Can you imagine that? toyota complaining of copycat products?

All of that is to say this: Don't worry where it is made. Stuff here is beginning to fall apart. Japanese companies have abandoned worthy competitors, have commoditised the industry so much so that only robots can compete, and are still cheapening everything they make in order to get an edge over other Japanese products that are made to the utmost of shaving cost techniques.

I'd almost rather something is made in China, where quality control is largely governed by competing foreign agencies, and not made to one standard like it is here in Japan.

Foreigners need to stop looking to the 80's and maybe the 90's when Japan led by replacing humans with robots. Japan is reaping their rewards and shedding quality control to catch up to its poor decisions.

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